Bootcamps for 5 - 12 year old boys (or girls)

The quest for authentic manhood starts at Fort Masada, Boekenhoutskloof Pretoria, with military style bootcamp activities. No abuse but alot of adventurous activities like rifle shooting, blowpipe shooting, bow and arrow target shooting and slingshot throwing. We also play paintball war cenario games, play gladiator games and go through the deffirent obsticle coarses designed to assist the troops to build strong friendship bonds, move their fear bounderies and get conformation on their manhood and the direction he is heading. We combine these phisical activities with Bible based sessions with the help of movie clips, great audio/visual sound effects and stimulating discussions and work sessions to assist the troops to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We facilitate emotional trauma healing sessions and restore the troops to be emotionally stable and equiped individuals. 

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